QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks Support

  • Frustrated with Intuit Tech Support?
  • Been on hold for 30 minutes and still transferred to another department?
  • Have you been on hold with Intuit and reached a non English speaking tech support that really didn’t understand your issue?
  • Have a bookkeeping questions that you just need answered?

Not only can we resolve most QuickBooks issues, we can also help you receive the best pricing on the Intuit products and we support many of the apps that integrate with QuickBooks. If you need help quickly, schedule a remote session with us. We are Certified QuickBooks and 99% of the time, we can resolve your issue within 30 minutes or less.

How We Do It?

We will send you the details to connect to our remote session. Basically, you allow me to access your computer and your QuickBooks with you sitting in front of it (hands on learning) and we get to walk through the issues. Once we’re finished, the connected is terminated and there is no longer a connection to your computer.

Remote Sessions

  • 15 min – $20
  • 30 min – $40
  • 60 min – $85

Monthly Support Fee:  $85/hr 

Level 1 – 2 hours telephone/email support and monthly QuickBooks Backup review – $90 per month

Level 2 – 4 hours telephone/email support and monthly QuickBooks Backup review – $180 per month

If we do not use the whole session, then a credit will remain on your account for the next support issue.

Please call or schedule a session online. Please include your phone number and the issue that you are experiencing. This helps us come prepared!

Call or email today to schedule a training.

907-222-3019 | Office@dbcak.com

Request A Free Consultation

Please feel free to email or call us to schedule a free consultation and see if we are a good match to work together.

Office 907-306-1828 | Cell 907-616-0308