Business Consulting

Denali Bookkeeping & Consulting provides cost effective business and management consulting to help business owners evaluate, plan and manage a more efficient and effective business to maximize profits. We partner with our clients and work with you to understand the business concerns and needs, and develop a plan to help your business succeed. 


Are you running into problems in your business and don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to fix them? We know running a business is A LOT of work and having to do it all yourself is even harder. We are trained to address your business needs, accomplish the project in less time than you trying to learn it all, and assist your company with applying the methods and changes necessary to get you closer to your goals.

We are trained in the following areas to help you reach your business goals.

  • Business Plans
  • Financial Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Market Development
  • Strategic Planning

Revenues and Profitability

Your gut tells you that you’re making money, but your numbers aren’t cooperating. We use the SEMP Method to identify what’s going on in your business (i.e. strengths and weaknesses). Simplified Examination to Maximize Profits. This allows us to get to the areas that need to be fixed and and identify what is working properly and what will yield the greatest profit returns.

  • General Financial Statement Review
  • Revenue and Expense Review
  • Asset and Liability Revenue
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Operational Management
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Financing
  • Risk Assessment

Denali Bookkeeping & Consulting offers the SEMP Evaluation at $2,000. We are offering a 2019 Special for $1,500. The SEMP is evaluated over a 3 day period at your location. 

  • Day 1 – Question and Answers, Business Practice Observation, and Financial Review
  • Day 2 – Business Analysis discuss and SWOT  Analysis with your selected Team Members
  • Day 3 – Business Findings discussion and Opportunity identification, and implementation Plan.

Denali Bookkeeping & Consulting is here to assist with the implementation and future progress check ups. Your SEMP report will provide a roadmap to further assist with the preparation of the Strategic Plan and Market Development. The SEMP Analysis is the foundation for the Strategic Planning and Marketing Development plan. We are available to assist with the execution of the Strategic market Plan (additional service) to help drive revenues to your business.

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