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SEMP Evaluation – Simplified Examination to Maximize Profits: Our SEMP Evaluation is an examination of your business financials, operations, marketing. This evaluation will determine areas that need fixed and what is working properly.  SEMP is a step by step methodology that determines the specific areas in your business that will yield the greatest profit returns.

Business Plan and Development: You have the million dollar ideas, with our help, we will capture your thoughts and ideas in a well documented and professional format.  We will help you create a presentation and coach you to describe and sell your ideas to investors. More Info

Financial Reporting: If you need financials for a project, investments, banking, etc., we can pull your business info together and make sure it’s reading properly. We will help you make sense of your financial reports, learn how to use the information, as well as, reviewing budgets, revenue sources, product lines, expenses, and debt financing.

Cash Flow Forecasting, Business Model, and Budgeting: When was the last time you reviewed your financials and really knew what was happening in your business? The financials are the report card of your business. Understanding the inflows and outflows is important and also if you’re operating within budget and benchmarks.  

Audit Support: We will assist with preparing the financials and backup documentation for external audits.

Marketing & Branding: Who are you? Do you know your clients. Can you brand sell itself? Developing a solid marketing strategy is more than just the advertising. It’s doing your research, knowing your customer and putting together a cohesive marketing strategy where your customers can find you. Let us assist you in developing an total marketing strategy.

Operations Management: Business owners where a lot of hats and can focus on one or two things effectively. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. But, do you know which system isn’t working? Human resources, payroll, supply chain management, forecasting, inventory, among others if not managed properly, can cause breakdowns and inefficiencies. Typically, reviewing processes and establishing procedures, along with additional training will do the trick.  However, outsourcing or strategic partnerships can save money and time.  We can help you and your staff develop a comprehensive plan that will identify the aspects that need to be streamlined.

Risk Assessment:  Technology is not a one size fits all option. Neither is doing it the way you’ve always done it “just because”. Our world in now a 24/7 operation. Let us help you identify sources that leave room for error and establishing proper segregation of duties and procedures to help mitigate risk.

Strategic Planning: Where ever you go, there you are. Where is your business going? In order to find out, small businesses need to be aware of the history of the business, your current position, and where they want to go.  Have you established goals and how do you evaluate managements progress? Every year is a new year. Let us help you prepare for a profitably future.


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