Business and Financial Review

Making a Profit? Is it as much as you expected?  Are you keeping tabs on your operational efficiency?  What adjustments could be made to increase the bottom line profits?

Our SEMP Evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of your entire operation to establish the areas in which changes will result in greater bottom line profits.  We’ll categorize each change and estimate how much your profits could improve from implementing it.

Once the Evaluation is complete, you have the option of having us help you implement the strategies we recommend or doing them yourself.  Either way, your company will be more profitable and more successful as a result.

Fixed Price Service

We perform our comprehensive SEMP Evaluation for a flat fixed price.  This is our opportunity to get know each other and establish a working relationship.

What’s Included? SEMP Evaluation

  • Interview with management
  • Identification of key issues
  • Confidential interview of individual key employees
  • Confidential polling of all employees
  • Observation of operations
  • Review of finances and identification of out of bounds expenses
  • Max written report including:
    • Things you are doing right
    • Identification of areas in which changes will yield large profit gains
    • Recommendations of strategic, tactical, and operational changes
    • Proposal to work together if we deem it advisable

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