Outsource Packages

Controllership Package #1 – Small Business Accounting Pack $1200/MO

(We do the Bookkeeping) 

  • Bookkeeping up to 10 hours
  • Financial Prep and analysis
    • Up to 5 bank/credit card reconciliations
    • Expense review and coding up to 1000 transactions
    • Up to 20 chart of account analyses
    • Up to 5 custom financial reports
    • Online banking
  • 2 hours P&L strategy work
  • 2 hours customization work
  • 2 hours training

Controllership Package #2 – Small Business Review $900/MO

(Your Staff does Bookkeeping) 

  • Transaction review and correction
  • Executive report package including budget analysis
  • 3 hours margin/profit analysis work
  • 2 hours Q&A
  • Include year end review and CPA Liaison for annual federal tax return

Controllership Elite (Accounting/IT Support) – Contact us for quote

  • Bookkeeping
  • QB software, training, and customization
  • Manager-level analysis and cost strategy
  • Tax work
  • IT support – networking, remote access
  • Inventory solution

Denali Bookkeeping & Consulting offers our part-time CFO services on an hourly or fixed monthly fee so there are no surprises to the budget. 

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