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Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation

Did you know the IRS says it takes approximately 4 hours to prepare your 1040 form? If you did it yourself, you may have looked at the form for that long with a blank stare. Tax preparation should be simple.  Unfortunately, over the last 100 years, the tax code became multiple volumes and you would need a decoder to figure it out.  Today, individual returns can be as complicated as are some small business returns. Proper bookkeeping and communication will help us plan for tax related issues before it is too late.

Individual Income Tax Forms and Schedules 
 Form 1040* includes schedules 1 thru 6  $100
 Schedule A Itemized Deductions  $45
 Schedule B Investment Income  $15
 Schedule C Business Return with Form 1040 included  $225
 Schedule D Capital Gains  $50
 Schedule E Rental Property Income New Client Form 1040 included  $180 + $50 per property 
 Schedule E Rental Property – Existing Client  $180 + $20 per property 
 Schedule E Trust, Estate, K-1 income  $50
 State Returns with federal return  $50 (each state)
 Form 8949 Capital Assets  $20 (if more than 4 entries)
 Form 6252 Installment Sales

 $125 for new; $25 for subsequent years 

Business Returns
Form 1065 Partnership $500 + $25/partner
Form 1120S S-Corp $600+ $25/shareholder

 *There is no charge for Form 1040 if a Schedule C or Schedule E Rental income is required. The 2018 tax form revisions eliminated forms 1040A and 1040EZ.

** Bookkeeping fees aren’t usually charges if you provide the tax organizer filled out with your information. If I need to sort receipts, total receipts, or sort through statements and documents to get the numbers, then there is additional time that goes into preparing your return. My time is billed at $100 per hour during tax time for additional bookkeeping on your tax return.

***If you bring me a basket full of crumpled receipts and want me to do the bookkeeping first, I’m all for it. Our regular bookkeeping fees are $65 per hour. Contact me for a quote!***


Forms – NO Charge
 Schedule EIC
 Child Tax Credit
Education Credits
Child and Dependent Care Credits
Self Employment Taxes
Alternative Minimum Tax
Depreciation of Business Property
Health Insurance / ACA Forms
Social Security Forms
Residential Energy Credits
IRA Contributions

Business Books a Mess? No Problem! It’s what we do!

If you have been running your own small business and haven’t had time to catch up on the bookkeeping, no worries. We are here to help you. We’ll prepare your bookkeeping for the year, prepare a Schedule C, as well as, your personal income tax return. We will also provide guidance and feedback on setting up an easy system that allows you to keep your books in good order for next year or contract with us for monthly, quarterly, or annual service.

Give us a call at 907-222-4619 or email us at to set up your free consultation.