2 Hour Custom QuickBooks and Accounting Coaching

This is great a great place to start if you need to hit the ground running and learn how to enter your own business data, check to see if your books are setup correctly, and if you need an accountant eyeball to see if things are being done correctly. Plus,

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QuickBooks Enterprise

As a Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor for QuickBooks Enterprise, please allow me to help you get even better pricing on your purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise. Especially, if you are also using the payroll services. We are happy to give you a free evaluation and to provide the best pricing for your business.

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QuickBooks 2020

It’s that time of year again! A new QuickBooks with new features. Purchased QuickBooks Premier or Pro 2019 between now and September 15? You get the QuickBooks 2020 download for FREE. No additional charge.

Give us a call or contact us for help with upgrades or to asssist with your datafile conversion.

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QuickBooks Support Accounts Receivable

Monday we did a QuickBooks support and training due to an issue with accounts receivable that an educational consultant client discovered in his books. This training was a good reminder of the accounts receivable process and how important it is to follow the workflow in QuickBooks.

The client was invoicing his clients and receiving payment which cleared the client’s balance.

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Quick and Dirty Year End

4 days until the new year!! Let’s take a look at your books. Are you using the software to max capability? Are you still using a calculator and an excel spreadsheet? You’re working too hard on your accounting and losing money. Here is the Year End Quick and Dirty Cleanup List.

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