Quick and Dirty Year End

4 days until the new year!! Let’s take a look at your books. Are you using the software to max capability? Are you still using a calculator and an excel spreadsheet? You’re working too hard on your accounting and losing money. Here is the Year End Quick and Dirty Cleanup List. These are a couple of areas that we can typically assess and offer solutions to speed up the year end reconciliation and review. If you feel like you got it covered, AWESOME! If you aren’t quite sure or need a helping hand, we are here for you. Give us a call 907-222-3019

Accounting Processes – How To’s

  • Have you hired new staff this year and trained them?
  • Have you clearly documented the operating procedures for each duty, deadline in your office?
  •  Can they function without you in the office answering questions?

Accounting Technology – Systems and Integration

  • Did you move to QuickBooks Online this year? During the transfer, there are a lot of things to clean up and re-reconcile.
  • Have you added on 3rd Party Apps or any software integration? Have they been fully implemented and accounts properly mapped?
  • Have you trained your Staff to use these applications and clearly documented the procedures?
  • Is the application working for you or do you need additional assistance to take a look?

Accounting Reports – Tracking and Profit Margins

  • Do you AP and AR Report Balances match what is reported on your Chart of Accounts/Trial Balance?
  • Do you have ZERO balances on the AR or AP Reports?
  • Do you know which AP bills are still open to pay?
  • If you use Class Tracking, do you have Uncategorized balances in this column?
  • If you use Job Costing, do you have a balance in the Uncategorized Customer?
  • How is your profit margin? Are you getting the number you expected?

Year End Financial Documents – Taxes and Year End

  • Have you collected W9s from your subcontractors and professional service vendors?
  • Did you close your previous year or months with a password?
  • Have you reviewed Uncategorized Expenses, Miscellaneous Expenses, and the ominous Ask My Account?

While this is our short list, we offer an accounting system/year end review of your books.